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What’s the Best Baby Stroller? Now you’ve got your little one home all day, and you realize one of the great truths of being a stay at home parent: it gets boring.  You’re going to want to get out of the house, and for that, you’ll need to transport your little nugget.  So, what’s the […]

The Importance of a Father This post is personal to me, and not just because I’m a dad. America is suffering from a lack of strong father figures, and I believe this is the greatest threat to our nation’s well-being to date. It has effected me already, and most people know someone who has grown […]

Happy Father’s Day! So, you’re a dad now. Congratulations are in order. Now, sit down and grab a drink; you’re going to need it. From the first moments after birth to several years after becoming a father, my role has changed drastically from a support role, to primary caregiver, wrestling partner, teacher, and a hide-and-seek […]

Hello fellow dads! I thought I’d make a page where I gathered some of the most helpful tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the past few years on my journey as a father. Check back regularly, as I will undoubtedly be revisting this topic as I learn more about how to dad! How to Properly Pick up […]

     Welcome to! My name is Tom, and I’m a stay at home dad, a job which I take very seriously.  At this website, you will find resources for stay at home dads, true stories about kids and the sometimes serious, often times hilarious things that they say and do, personal perspectives on […]

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