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Mother’s Morning Out: Just For Moms? Our 27 month old, TJ, started a program called mother’s morning out (MMO) last week.  It’s run by a local church, and it provides a chance for mothers to, put simply, get a few hours to themselves for one, two, or three mornings during the week.  A Google search […]

Bonding with Your Child You just got home from the hospital. Hopefully everything went well, and Mommy is home too. If this is your first child, prepare to feel a bit like a third wheel (if it’s not, you already know the drill). Below I list some of the best ways for a father to […]

Hello fellows! I decided to write this article at 1:30 in the morning on a Sunday night in order to share my business(es) with you guys (and hopefully drive some of you to make a change for yourselves, since anyone can do what I do)! Both of these businesses can be done from your couch, […]

What Are The Best Baby Bottles? Your wife, significant other, or girlfriend (the mother of your child) is at work, and now it’s entirely on you to feed your baby. So, you may be wondering what the best baby bottles are for your little one. Well, mister mommy is here to share hard-won experience with […]

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