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What Are The Best Baby Bottles?

Your wife, significant other, or girlfriend (the mother of your child) is at work, and now it’s entirely on you to feed your baby. So, you may be wondering what the best baby bottles are for your little one. Well, mister mommy is here to share hard-won experience with you, so you don’t have to figure it out on the fly. That old adage still applies: “A smart man learns from his mistakes; a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” So, without further ado, I’m going to tell you what you’ll need to get the job done, with none of the BS!

What You’ll Need

Your baby’s milk, whether formula fed or breast fed, will need to be put into a sterile bottle, and brought as close to body temperature as possible before you can give it to your little one.  You’ll want the following around:

  • Bottles
  • Bottle sterilizer
  • A large mug (big enough to hold at least a cup of water and your baby’s bottle)
  • Milk

… and that’s it. You’ll want to put the refrigerated milk in the bottle, screw the bottle top on tightly (while there may not be any use in crying over spilled milk, your baby certainly will if you spill its milk), place it in the large mug, and fill the mug with warm water. Wait about five minutes for the milk to warm up before feeding your little one. If the milk is too cold, your baby may not take it. Too hot, and you’ll get a wail of angry teary-eyed protest. Until you get the feel for how long the bottle should stay in the water, how hot the water should be, and how it should feel through the plastic in your hand, you should test the milk’s temperature on the underside of your wrist to gauge its temperature before you feed your baby.

So, What Are the Best Baby Bottles?

The best baby bottle brand, in this dad’s opinion, is Tommee Tippee. They are BPA-free, can take an angry toddler jumping on them (I can personally attest to this), aren’t overly expensive, and are the brand I used to feed both of my sons. They come in a variety of sizes, are microwave-safe (which makes sterilization easy), have interchangeable nipples (as your child grows, he or she will most likely need a faster flow), and disassemble for easy cleaning. Furthermore, they have excellent customer service (not that bottles necessitate frequent calls).

I have included links below to all the products we talked about in this article for your convenience. While I am compensated if you purchase anything using my affiliate link, I am not paid to endorse a specific product or brand. I only recommend products that I have first-hand knowledge of. If it’s not good enough for my kids, I won’t recommend it. Period.

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