How to Change a Diaper

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How to Change Your Baby’s Diaper

baby in diaper

Let’s face it: diaper duty stinks! See what I did there? All dad jokes aside though, changing a stinky diaper isn’t the most glamorous part of daddy doody (I can’t help myself!). However, there are a few tips and tricks that make this less than pleasant task a bit more bearable.

I was a bit concerned about my ability to do this before I actually tried the first time. As an only child who had no nearby relatives with young children, I had virtually no exposure to diapers or diaper duty. I found myself googling “How to change a baby’s diaper”, “How to change diapers”, “How to change a boys diaper” (once we knew that we were having a boy), and any number of other phrases to prepare myself. However, like most websites today, it was either poor content, ad-heavy click-through sites, or had a dialogue similar to the way that women talk to each other. I decided to write an article with the information that we as dads need to survive, distilled down to its pure, unadulterated form.

Note: This article was written for baby boys.

What You’ll Need


To change a baby’s diaper, you’ll want a changing table, diapers (obviously), baby wipes, a trash can, baby powder (especially in the summer months when it gets humid), a strong stomach, and a cold drink. I prefer to keep all the supplies on the shelf underneath the top-level of the changing table for easy access (except for the drinks).

Steps to Take


1.) Get the new diaper out, open it, and position it at the bottom (the side of the table your baby’s feet will be on) of the changing table. Make sure the wings with the adhesive are towards the top, and the belly side of the diaper is towards the bottom (this will save you time and frustration later).

diaper layout

2.) Make sure your wipes are nearby, open, and that you have one fed through the top, ready to go! Nothing puts a damper on your day than having to pick up a baby with a poopy butt because you forgot to have wipes ready after you’ve already stripped your kid.

wipes ready

3.) Place your baby on his back and remove his pants. Once you get some time off the bench, you can just pull them down around his ankles (however, if it’s a particularly messy one, or you’re not adept at this task yet, I’d highly recommend taking his pants all the way off to avoid getting any poop on them).

4.) Unfasten the old diaper. If it’s just a number one, you can proceed to step 8: if it’s a number two, proceed to step five. If you have a strong stomach, and your nose works, you’ll already know which of the two you’re working with.


5.) Hold your baby’s feet together with one hand and in a smooth downward motion, use the belly side of the old diaper to wipe as much poop off in as few strokes as possible. Don’t move the old diaper yet! Just let it sit there for the time being.

6.) Grab some wipes and clean your baby. Pay special attention to the folds of skin of his crotch, his thighs, and his scrotum (behind the scrotum is a particular place I find poop likes to hide). Whether your baby is circumcised ot not, grab a fresh wipe to gently clean the area under the foreskin. Put the used wipes into the old diaper that he’s still laying on.

7.) Slide the whole poop package out from under him. Roll it up with the used wipes and use the adhesive strips (the back) to seal it off and throw it away. The hard part is over!

diaper rolled up

8.) Pick your baby up and slide him onto the new diaper. Grab some baby powder and give those cheeks a dusting.

9.) Fasten the new diaper and put your kid’s pants back on (nothing irritates me more than a kid running around in a shirt and diaper)!

10.) Enjoy the cold beverage of your choosing, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Accidents Happen

accidents happen

It’s worth noting that this is an ideal scenario, and accidents can and do happen. At some point, you’re going to get poop on your hand. Other times, your kid’s going to have a “blowout”; the term we use when they poop so much that it literally comes out of /the diaper. It’s not uncommon for blowouts to occur during the night hours, leaving you with a nice surprise to walk into first thing in the morning. There’s always the chance that your little one isn’t feeling particularly cooperative, and he’ll kick or reach under himself to grab the diaper, gleefully yelling “Poopy!!!”I could tell you horror stories that would keep you awake at night, but I’ll save that for another time. It’s important to remember that, like all things that seem like burdens with respect to child rearing, there will come a time when your services are no longer needed. Believe it or not, you’ll actually miss these times. I try to remind myself of this when my sons seem to be trying to kill me with poop.

When all else fails, wash your hands, shush yourself and try to remember that it happens. When done correctly, it sounds something like, “Shhhhh-it happens.”




Until next time, carry on fellow fathers.



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10 thoughts on “ : How to Change a Diaper”
  • Tucker says:

    Wow, I feel like this is super relevant to me right now as the holidays approach! Many of my cousins have infants and the whole family will be coming up to celebrate this year. I’m hoping I don’t get roped into it, but if I do, now I’ll know what I’m doing when changing a diaper. I suppose it’s only fair that I learn how to do it eventually. My parents did it for me and I’ll certainly do it for my kids one day. Love your Dad jokes too, by the way. I’ve already begun working on honing mine. Cheers! 

    • Tom says:


          Thanks for your comment! It’s definitely one of the less fun tasks of being a dad, but it’s necessary, so I figured, why not talk about it? Let a fellow father help you out, dude! As for your dad joke ability, I think that the number one rule to keep in mind when coming up with dad jokes is: Don’t be afraid to be corny! It’s all about being punny!

      Take care, and thanks for the comment! See you around, fellow father-to-be!


  • Henderson says:

    Oh this is just what I needed to know here because I will be going to my sister’s for the vacation and she has a baby. It is very inevitable that I will not be asked to help her carry her baby and maybe he’ll poop and I’ll have to change his diaper. Your post has at least shown me what I am going to do to make things right. I will remember thatmistak

    • Tom says:


          Glad I could help with shedding a bit of light on what you have to look forward to! Now you can be the star of the show by being a fantastic uncle to your nephew! Merry Christmas, sir!


  • John says:

    This to me can be one of the uncute things about a babies apart from when they are wailing because  I have never heard of anyone who really like the poop of a child but your tips are really good. I have had to go through this when my sister was very wrong and i made a couple of mistakes just like you said and truly, they are just normal. Nice one.

    • Tom says:


          Indeed, I don’t think that anyone likes to change a diaper.  By that, I mean ones that have been filled with number two, since I don’t even really consider changing a number one diaper as “diaper duty”, they’re so easy.  Like all things, it gets easier with practice.


  • Benson says:

    Changing a diaper as a dad can some times be really messy and I have always stayed away from it whenever my wife is changing that of our kids and one day I was left to do it and that was where I had real issues. I had to check it on youtube before I could get the process well. All thanks to the internet for these information.

    • Tom says:


          Yes sir, the internet is the best source for instantaneous information.  Fortunately for me, as a full-time stay at home dad, I couldn’t avoid diapers.  It’s all part of the process of raising children; the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  • Bella says:

    Being a mother is really stressful but interesting at the same time and one stress we all pass through is changing our baby’s diaper too often and there we someone wants assistance and that’s when you realize your husband doesn’t know how to. It’s very important that they see this post because there are times the mom wouldn’t be available to change the diaper.

    • Tom says:


          Thanks for your comment!  I agree with you that husbands need to get involved in diaper duty more often.  While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I actually enjoy the process of changing either of my sons’ diapers, it has actually become a source of bonding for us. Merry Christmas!


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